Effects of Ageing on the Senses

As we grow older, most of us notice that we need the volume turned up a little on the television, or a brighter light when reading or a little extra sugar in our tea. 

What gives us our ability to smell? What can take that ability away? Is age a factor? What are the consequences? And what can we do if we start to lose our sense of smell? Our fifth sense is touch – unlike the other senses, it is distributed all over the body.  

Each of our senses can be affected as we age. So what can we do to protect them?   

1. Ageing and Sense of Hearing

2. Ageing and Sense of Sight

3. Ageing and Sense of Taste and Smell  

4. Ageing and Touch 

5. How to Protect our Senses 




Quiz on Ageing

Quiz on Ageing - Answers