Successful Retirement

What is the key to a successful retirement?

Good health, an adequate income, suitable accommodation, supportive relationships, absorbing interests and an appropriate personal life philosophy. These are the six key elements identified by Professor Alistair Heron in the late 1950's. Research since then has confirmed their value - and added five more, as explained below: 


Successful Retirement: Staying Financially Healthy

We could spend one third of our adult life drawing a State PensionSo what options are there to help you stay financially healthy in retirement? 


Successful Retirement: Staying Healthy

How can we stay active as we get older – and what are the benefits? What else can we do to reduce the risk of illness? How can we keep our brains healthy too?

Keeping our bodies and our brains active in retirement could save years of ill health – and help us to continue to live independently and enjoy life for longer.