Q1. The most common age related cancer in men worldwide?

A: Prostate cancer.

Q2. On average women appear to be protected against heart disease for about ten years longer than men?

A: True. However, it is important not to be complacent if you are a woman. This simply means that heart disease tends to occur later. A third of women still die of heart disease, just like a third of men. So, check the information on this website (for instance the ‘Diet’ and ‘Fitness’ sections), to see how you can reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Q3. Rich sources of phyto-oestrogens?

A: Fennel, soy and linseed are all useful sources of phyto-oestrogens. 

Q4. The two most common cancers among women in the UK and USA?

A: Breast cancer is the most common cancer – and lung cancer is the second most common.

Q5. Is divorce more likely to shorten the longevity of men or women?

A: Unfortunately for men, their longevity seems to be more adversely affected by divorce than women.