Q1. Illnesses more likely when you’re over 65?

A: All those listed (stroke, heart attack, cancer, dementia and osteoporosis) are more likely when you’re over 65. So use the information here on the Age Watch website to find out how you can reduce your risk (including the sections on ‘Diet,’ ‘Fitness’ and ‘Illnesses’). 

Q2. What is likely to make us look older?

A: All the factors listed (smoking, lengthy unprotected exposure to the sun, heavy alcohol consumption and a fatty diet) are likely to make us look older, for example by making our skin more wrinkled. So if you don’t want to look older than you really are….. 

Q3. What is likely to help us look younger?

 A: All of these (ie drinking plenty of water, eating fruit, eating fish and sweating after regular exercise) are likely to make us look younger, so are worth doing.

Q4. A healthy 70 year old will have fewer cells in their heart, a reduced breathing capacity and less lean muscle mass than a 20 year old?

A: Sadly true. However, if you pursue a healthy lifestyle you can slow the rate at which your body ages – and increase the prospects of reaching 70 in good condition.

Q5. Likely to reduce the risk of dementia?

A: Exercise, a healthy diet and not smoking or drinking too much alcohol are all believed to reduce the risk of dementia. Education doesn’t necessarily reduce the risk of dementia – but it seems to help delay the age at which symptoms appear, probably by helping you build a protective ‘cognitive reserve.’


Published 10/06/2012, Review date February 2014