Reminiscence Arts - Can Reminiscence Arts improve the wellbeing of people with dementia – and also help the staff who care for them?

Dementia - What are the symptoms of dementia? Who might be affected? What else can cause dementia?What else can cause memory loss? Is there a cure? Can we protect the brain against dementia?  

Nutrients, Vitamins and Dementia - As populations age, dementia is a growing problem across the developed world. Might nutrients or vitamins provide a solution?  

Dementia Interview - Dr Louise Allan is Dementia Lead for the British Geriatrics Society. In this interview she answers a wide range of questions on dementia - including the main risk factors, the main symptoms and possible ways of delaying the onset of symptoms.  

Therapeutic Memory Aids for Dementia - An important way of aiding the memory of someone with dementia is through communication. Here are a number of therapies which can be used as an alternative to or alongside medication: 

Arts4Dementia - Interview with Chief Executive Part 1 

Arts4Dementia - Interview with Chief Executive Part 2