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Cancer Prevention Guidelines:

What are the most common types of cancer? The influence of genes, lifestyle and ageing. The Pros and Cons of screening are also discussed. 

Exercise and Live Longer

Here we review recent research into the health benefits of exercise.

Too much Salt?

Over the centuries, salt has been a highly valued commodity, traded and fought over for its unique place in flavouring and preserving our food. However how much salt can we safely consume?  

Can we reduce the risk of Alzheimer's?

Can mental activity, a healthy diet and an active social life reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s? Can smoking and depression increase the risk?

How can we stay healthy longer?

We’d probably all like to live long and healthy lives. But how feasible is this? And what can we do to stay healthy longer? 

How long can we expect to live in good health?

How does the UK compare with other countries when it comes to healthy life expectancy? What are the main causes of poor health and how can we avoid them?

Can too much exercise be bad for you?

We know that exercise is good for us. Is it ever possible to do too much? What is the evidence?

How much aerobic exercise is good for us? 

Can nutrients or vitamins prevent or delay dementia?

As populations age, dementia is a problem across the developed world. Might nutrients or vitamins provide a solution?  

Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi? Does it have possible health benefits? How do we know? Are there any risks we need to be aware of? 


What is meditation? Can it affect our body as well as our mind? What is the evidence? Are there any health risks? 

Mediterranean Diet Health Benefits

What is the Mediterranean Diet? Can it reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer? Can it help manage Type 2 Diabetes? Might it reduce the risk of getting Parkinson's or Alzheimer's? 

Ageing and Sense of Smell

What gives us our ability to smell? What can take that ability away? Is age a factor? What are the consequences? And what can we do if we start to lose our sense of smell? 

Why women live longer than men?

Women usually live longer than men. Why is this - and are modern day vices, such as smoking and drinking, reducing the longevity gap? 

Blue Zones 

Are there parts of the world where people seem to live longer than others? If so, why? What can we learn from the people in these areas? 

Healthy Living

What are the biggest risk factors for your health? Does your lifestyle need to be healthier? If so, how can you achieve this? And how can you keep it up? What difference can this make to your health? 

Dental Health

Could dental infection put you at risk of more serious illnesses including Alzheimer's? If so, what are the main risk factors – and how can we reduce the risks?

Can too much exercise be bad for you? 

We know that exercise is good for us. Is it ever possible to do too much? What is the evidence? How much aerobic exercise is good for us? 

Coping with Chronic Stress 

What can we do to help us cope with chronic stress, so that it doesn’t lead to health issues?  Why does stress matter?


Why do some people live to 100+? Is it down to lifestyle choices, to our genes or to something else? 


What is osteoporosis? How many people are affected? What are the symptoms? Who is most vulnerable? Do males and females suffer from the same type of the disease? Can we reduce the risk?

Sleep Deprivation

What causes serious lack of sleep? How many people are affected? How can lack of sleep affect our health? What can we do about it?


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