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Cold weather health risks

Winter weather can bring snow, frost, and ice. Does it also bring health risks?

Eat less and live longer?

Might eating less help us live longer? What evidence is there, and are there any health risks if we eat less?

Winter Flu

The flu season is kicking off early in Europe, according to the World Health Organisation. So, what do we need to know about flu? This article explains. 

The Japanese Diet

Does this help explain why people in Japan live longer – and is the adoption of more Western diets helping or hindering?

Resilience - is it important for your health?

Resilience - trendy topic or serious factor influencing our physical and mental health?  

Adult Education - Good or Bad for our Health? 

Extensive research has shown that the more years people spend in full-time education the longer they are likely to live, and the more years of good health they are likely to enjoy. What about part time education?

It's all in the Mind - Achieving a healthy Lifestyle

Most of us know what we need to do to pursue a healthy lifestyle – like eating healthy food, getting enough exercise, not smoking, not drinking too much alcohol, and eating only as much as we need. So, how do make sure we act on what we know?

Therapeutic Aids for Dementia

People with dementia whose brains have been damaged by disease may have problems with remembering, thinking, and speaking. Current drug treatments for these symptoms have limited positive effects and may even cause considerable negative side effects. What about therapeutic aids?

Are active brains more resistant to dementia?  

The ‘cognitive reserve’ hypothesis suggests that if we stay mentally active throughout our lives – for instance by developing new interests and skills – then this activity develops our brain and builds some form of reserve which helps protect against, or compensate for, dementia.   

Fatness or Fitness?  

Do you find it difficult to get your weight down? If so, can keeping physically fit reduce the health risks? Can keeping slim compensate if you don’t do much exercise? 

Tips for Successful Retirement 

Are you approaching retirement, or are you newly retired? In either case, you may be wondering how you can make the most of this next phase in your life. There are fresh opportunities, new challenges, and vital decisions to make before and during retirement, perhaps even new skills to learn.

Successful Retirement: Staying Healthy

How can we stay active as we get older, and what are the benefits? What else can we do to reduce the risk of illness? How can we keep our brains healthy too?

Good Fats and Bad Fats?

In 2014, a book titled The Big Fat Surprise was published and received many positive reviews. Its author, investigative journalist Nina Teicholz, had revisited the research that suggested that fat is bad for us and found it seriously flawed.

Successful Retirement: Staying Financially healthy 

We could spend up to one third of our adult life drawing a State Pension, so what options are there to help us stay financially healthy in retirement?

Effect of Ageing on the Senses

How does ageing affect our senses? Can we hear a smoke alarm? Is our vision up to motorway driving? Would we notice a wasp settling on the grass underfoot, or smell burning in the kitchen?

Ageing and hearing

What are the signs? Can we avoid the causes? How common is hearing loss, and what are the consequences?

Ageing and sight

What are the types of sight loss associated with ageing? What are the causes, and can anything be done to treat or prevent them?

Ageing and our sense of taste and smell

What gives us our ability to taste and smell? What can take that ability away? Is age a factor? What are the consequences, and what can we do if we start to lose our sense of taste and smell?

Ageing and touch

Our fifth sense is touch, and unlike the other senses, it is distributed all over the body. What are the consequences of losing our sense of touch? What benefits can we gain from ‘caring touch’?

How to protect our senses

Each of our senses can be affected as we age, so what can we do to protect them?

Seasonal Flu

What is seasonal flu? Seasonal flu is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza viruses which, in the UK, occurs mainly during winter.

Ageing of the immune system (Immunosenescence)

As we age our immune system becomes less effective, and we are more likely to fall ill. Can we do anything about this, so that we stay healthier for longer?

Health Screening Tests

Our initial review suggests that many health screening tests come highly recommended (Table 1). However, some medical researchers have voiced concerns about a number of other screening tests, including the tests for breast and prostate cancer (Table 2). 


Parkinson’s disease occurs when nerve cells in the brain stop working properly and are lost over time. These cells produce a chemical called dopamine.

Cold exposure - a tool for Healthy Living

Can deliberate exposure to the cold have a positive effect on the ageing process? This article sets out some of the benefits of exposure to the cold and some of the evidence supporting those benefits.


What is dementia? What are the main types, and how do they differ from one another? Can we protect our brains against dementia?

Women and Smoking 

Are women at greater health risk from smoking? Why is this? If so, why do some women keep smoking? What difference to your health risk does it make if you give up at 30, 40 or 50?

Healthy Eating on a Budget 

What are our Top Ten shopping tips? Which foods are cheap but healthy? What other tips are there for healthy eating on a budget? 

Where do people live longest in the UK - and why?

Does your postcode really indicate how long you might live? Do we need to move home to live longer? Can we stay where we live now and find ways to improve our longevity?

A Diet that works for you 

Do we need to follow a specific diet plan if we want to lose weight? Which diet plans are the most effective? And which are also the healthiest?

Having a purpose in life

Is having something to live for good for our health? Does having a purpose in life help us live longer? What if we feel we don’t have a sense of purpose?  

Are prebiotics good for our health?

What are the differences between probiotics and prebiotics? What are their health benefits?

What happens to our brains as we get older

Our bodies change as we get older – do our brains also change? If so, is there anything we can do to compensate? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet 

What is the Mediterranean Diet? Is it good for our bodies and our brains? 

Why is it good to keep stretching our brains?

What can I do to keep my brain healthy? How can I improve my memory? Is Sudoku good for my brain? 



Can we delay the process of ageing, so that we live longer and enjoy more years of good health? 

Health Action Campaign works to encourage this nationally, by encouraging both government and health professionals to recognise that prevention is better than cure. 

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