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Where do people live longest in the UK - and why?

Does your postcode really indicate how long you might live? Do we need to move home to live longer? Can we stay where we live now and find ways to improve our longevity?

A Diet that works for you 

Do we need to follow a specific diet plan if we want to lose weight? Which diet plans are the most effective? And which are also the healthiest?

Having a purpose in life

Is having something to live for good for our health? Does having a purpose in life help us live longer? What if we feel we don’t have a sense of purpose?  

Healthy Nordic Diet

How healthy is the Nordic diet? What evidence is there for this? Are there any possible side effects? What is the overall verdict? Is the Nordic diet the ‘new Mediterranean diet’ as far as health is concerned?  

Are prebiotics good for our health?

What are the differences between probiotics and prebiotics? What are their health benefits?

What happens to our brains as we get older

Our bodies change as we get older – do our brains also change? If so, is there anything we can do to compensate? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet 

What is the Mediterranean Diet? Is it good for our bodies and our brains? 

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

What does the Mediterranean diet consist of? Why is it important? Is it the diet or is it the climate? Are there any adverse side effects?

Why is it good to keep stretching our brains?

What can I do to keep my brain healthy? How can I improve my memory? Is Sudoku good for my brain? 

The Power of Positive Thinking

Can our minds affect our physical wellbeing? If so, how can we take advantage of this to improve our mental and physical health?

Stress and Health

What is stress? Can too much stress make us ill? Might some stress keep us healthy?

Spare the Salt

We know that too much salt is bad for our health but what is ‘too much' salt - and how can we reduce our salt intake?

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

What are they? Why do they matter? How can they help us make healthier food choices? 

A Good Night's Sleep

How important is sleep for our mental and physical health? Could lack of sleep even lead to dementia? What can we do to get a good night's sleep?

Memory Aids for Dementia

Can technology help people with memory problems and support their carers? This article introduces some of the newer technologies such as ‘virtual assistants’, but it also includes more traditional technologies such as specially adapted phones and medication aids. 

Artificial Sweeteners

What are artificial sweeteners? Find out more about the different types of artificial sweetener and the pros and cons of using them.

How important is our biological clock? 

Do we have a built-in body clock and if so, what makes it tick? Does it affect our sleep and what are the health implications? Here are some insights into its role.

Telomeres and Ageing

Telomeres are part of our genome (our genetic make-up) located at the end of the chromosomes in our cells. Why might they be important and what can we do to protect them? 

Preventing Falls as we get older: How can exercise help?

About 1 in 3 adults living at home in the UK and aged over 65 has at least one fall each year. Preventing falls among older adults is becoming a priority worldwide. So, how can we reduce the risk of falls?

Is status a life sentence?

We have no control over our social status at birth. Does this dictate our lives, or can we change our status? If we can, does this improve our health prospects and our life expectancy?

Is status a key to longevity?

Oscar winners, on average, live four years longer than other Hollywood actors. Could social status be a key to human longevity?

Why do people live longer in Japan?

How long do people live to in Japan? Can we learn any lessons from them?

Can we dance our way to health

Dance involves physical activity and so provides health benefits as a form of exercise. However, it also has some special qualities. Find out more in our assessment of the health benefits.

Cancer Prevention Guidelines:

What are the most common types of cancer? How important are the influence of genes, lifestyle and ageing? We also consider the pros and cons of screening. 

Exercise and Live Longer

Here we review recent research into the health benefits of exercise.

Too much Salt?

Over the centuries, salt has been a highly valued commodity, traded and fought over for its unique place in flavouring and preserving our food. However, how much salt can we safely consume?  

Can we reduce the risk of Alzheimer's?

Can mental activity, a healthy diet and an active social life reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s? Can smoking and depression increase the risk?

How can we stay healthy longer?

We’d probably all like to live long and healthy lives. But how feasible is this? And what can we do to stay healthy longer? 


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