Minerals - How do minerals help keep us healthy? Where should we get them from? Are there health risks if we take too much?


Vitamins - What are vitamins? Why do they matter? Where can we find them? Can we ever have too many vitamins?  


Vitamin D and Ageing - Why is Vitamin D (also known as the sun vitamin) important for our health? What are the main sources? Why might we be at risk of Vitamin D deficiency as we get older? What do we need to do to avoid this? 


Vitamin D Awareness - Our survey results - Most people surveyed didn’t know their Vitamin D level. Of those who did, nearly two thirds had Vitamin deficiency.


Vitamin D in the spotlight  - Low levels of Vitamin D have been associated with a range of diseases. So if we increase our Vitamin D levels will that protect us? How can we do this? Who is most at risk of Vitamin D deficiency? What counts as Vitamin D deficiency? And what are the symptoms?