What are the key factors affecting our health? What is the latest evidence?

You can find out more in the recently published reports below:



Alcohol Framework - Scottish Government 2018

Adult drinking habits in Great Britain 2017 - Office for National Statistics 2018

Statistics on Alcohol England - NHS Digital 2020


Businesses and Health

Employers Guide to Health at Work - Health Action Campaign 2020

Healthy and Wealthy - Health Action Campaign 2015 

Health on the High Street - Royal Society for Public Health 2015

Mental Health We’re Ready to Talk - Business in The Community 2015

Mental health and employers - refreshing the case for investment - Deloitte 2020

Sugar consumption at a crossroads - Credit Suisse 2013

Supporting mental health in the workplace - ACAS

Taxpayers subsidise big business by an estimated £11 billion a year - Citizens UK Report 

The 21st century gingerbread house. How companies are marketing junk food to children online - British Heart Foundation 2015

Wellbeing at work a review of the literature - New Economics Foundation 2015



Sugar reduction, the evidence for action - Public Health England 2015 

Carbohydrates and Health - Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition 2015

Food for thought Promoting healthy diets among children and young people - British Medical Association 2015

National Diet and Nutrition Survey - Public Health England 2018



2018 Physical Activity Guidelines - Advisory Committee Scientific Report (US Department of Health and Human Sciences) 2018

Exercise: the miracle cure and the role of the doctor in promoting it - Academy of Medical Royal Colleges 2015

Impact of Physical Activity and Diet on Health - House of Commons Health Committee 2015

Physical Activity and Health, Facts and Figures - Sustrans 

Physical Activity Guidelines - UK Chief Medical Officers 2019


The NHS 

Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020's - HM Government 2019

Five Year Forward View 2014 - NHS

Prevention is better than cure - our vision to help you live well for longer - Department of Health and Social Care 2018 



Adult Obesity and type 2 Diabetes  - Public Health England 2014

Childhood Obesity - A Plan for Action - HM Government 2016 

Childhood Obesity - A Plan for Action, Chapter 2 - HM Government 2018

Overcoming Obesity: An initial economic analysis - McKinsey Global Institute 2014

Tackling England's childhood obesity crisis - Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 2015

Time to solve childhood obesity  an independent report by the Chief Medical Oficer - Professor Dame Sally Davies 2019


Public Health 

Creating Healthy Lives - The Health Foundation 2019 

Health Equity in England - Institute of Health Equity 2020

Public Health Outcomes Framework - Public Health England 2015



Smoking Statistics  Action on Smoking and Health 2020

Statistics on Smoking - NHS Digital 2019