1. Which are the three main causes of death in the developed world?

2. According to the British Journal of Cancer, roughly what percentage of cancer deaths in the UK are due to potentially avoidable causes (like smoking, alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet etc)?

2.1   10%

2.2   20%

2.3   30%

2.4   40%

2.5   50% 

3. Which of the following are possible symptoms of diabetes?

3.1 Tiredness

3.2 Increased thirst

3.3 Frequent urination

3.4 Blurred eyesight

3.4 Wounds taking a long time to heal 

4. Which of the following can help prevent osteoporosis?

4.1 Eating enough calcium (eg from dairy products, tinned salmon, almonds and broccoli)

4.2 Sufficient Vitamin D (from sunshine and oily fish)

4.3 Regular aerobic exercise

4.4 Not smoking

4.5 Limiting your alcohol intake 

5. Which of the following are risk factors for heart attack?

5.1 Smoking

5.2 High blood pressure

5.3 Diabetes

5.4 High blood cholesterol

5.5 Obesity

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Published 10/06/2012, Review date May 2015