We all know that exercise is supposed to be good for us. But what difference can it really make to our health – or how long we might live?

How much exercise should we be doing and can it make a difference if we’re already ill? What types of exercise are best for both our mental and physical health? And is it ever possible to do too much?

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Can we dance our way to health?

Dancing appears to be good for both our physical and mental health. But is it just another type of exercise or is there something special about dancing? Can it help us to age well and protect against dementia? Find out more

Can too much exercise be bad for you?

We know that exercise can increase our chances of living a long and healthy life but is it ever possible to do too much? What are the consequences of overtraining on our health? And how reliable is the evidence? Find out more

Exercise and cancer

Can exercise reduce the risk of cancer? Some studies have suggested that exercise can help tackle some of the side effects of cancer treatment and may improve our chances of surviving cancer. But how strong is the evidence and what types of exercise are we talking about? Find out more

Exercise and live longer

Can exercise really increase our chances of living longer and reduce the risk of chronic illness? If so, how much exercise should we be doing and how intensive should it be? Find out more

Fitness or fatness

We know that excess weight, in particular obesity, can have a negative effect on our health. Physical exercise can reduce the health risks but can keeping slim compensate if you don’t do much exercise? What are the risks of physical inactivity? Find out more

Fitness quiz

How much do you know about fitness? Take our short quiz to find out!

How can we get the exercise we need?

We know that exercise can reduce the risk of serious illnesses and improve our chances of living longer. But how much exercise do we need and how can we get it, especially if we’re short of time or will power? Find out more

Keeping fit – why bother?

Exercise is often described as a ‘miracle cure’ by health experts. But what health benefits does it actually bring and can it make a difference if we’re already ill? Find out more

Preventing falls in the elderly

On average one third of adults aged over 65 living at home will suffer a fall each year. This can have serious consequences for their health but it can also have a psychological impact as well. Can exercise help to prevent falls among older adults? If so, what types of exercise make a difference? Find out more

Spark brain performance

Why and how does exercise have such a big effect on our bodies and our brains? What positive health benefits does exercise bring? Find out more

Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi? Can it improve our mental and physical health? If so, how do we know? Are there any health risks associated with this form of exercise? Find out more

Walking and health

We’re often told that walking can bring various health benefits but how much should we aim to do and how can we fit this in to our busy lives? And what if you have a health condition or are a wheelchair user? Can you still benefit from walking? Find out more


Yoga has become a popular form of exercise but how useful is it? Is there any concrete evidence that it can improve our health and are there any health risks? Find out more

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