Japanese Diet

We know that people in Japan live longer. How important is diet – compared with genes or other lifestyle factors? Why did people in Okinawa live even longer? Was their diet different? Has the introduction of more Western Diets affected Japanese health and longevity? How easy is it to adopt a Japanese Diet if we live in the UK or the US? 


What is the Mediterranean Diet? 

What does the Mediterranean Diet consist of? Why is it important? Is it the diet or is it the climate? Are there any adverse side effects? 

Mediterranean Diet Health Benefits 

What is the Mediterranean Diet? Can it reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer? Can it help manage Type 2 Diabetes? Might it reduce the risk of getting Parkinson's or Alzheimer's? 


What is the Nordic Diet? 

What is the Nordic Diet? How does it compare with the Mediterranean Diet? Is it easy to follow outside Scandinavia? 

Healthy Nordic Diet?  

How healthy is the Nordic Diet? What evidence is there for this? Are there any possible side effects? What is the overall verdict?