We know that ageing is inevitable but why do some people age faster than others? Is it due to our genes or can biological, psychological and social factors affect how quickly we age? 

What can we do to slow the ageing process and protect our senses and immune system as we get older? 

You can find out more through the articles below - and we would welcome your feedback, at info@agewatch.org.uk

Adult education – is it good for our health? 

Can adult education actually protect our health? If so, what health benefits can these activities bring? Does it matter where we learn? Find out more

Ageing and senses 

How does ageing affect our senses? And what can we do to protect them as we get older? Find out more

Ageing of the immune system

As we get older our immune system can become less effective and less reliable. What can we do to maintain our immune system so we stay healthier for longer? Find out more

Cold weather health risks? 

Winter often brings snow, frost and ice. But it can also bring health risks, particularly to children and the elderly. What precautions can we take to reduce the risk of heart attacks, hypothermia and respiratory diseases? Why is home insulation so important and what help is available? Find out more

Elder care 

Caring for elderly parents or an elderly partner can be difficult. Fortunately, there are lots of organisations that can potentially help. We’ve put together a list with links to their websites. Find out more

Healthy ageing – a life course approach 

When do we start to age and why do some people age faster than others? Can biological, psychological and social factors from earlier in our lives influence how quickly and how well we age? And what can we do to slow the ageing process? Find out more

Healthy living 

Do you know what the biggest risk factors are for your health? Could your family’s health history or some aspect of your lifestyle put you at a higher risk? If so, how can you make changes? And, more importantly, how can you keep them up? Find out more

How is ageing portrayed? 

How do policy makers and the media portray ageing? What are the consequences and how have these perceptions changed over time? How are women presented in the media? Find out more

Looking younger 

When and how do our looks start to age? Why do some people look younger than others? Is it all down to our genes or do environmental and lifestyle factors also influence how quickly we visibly age? And how can we look younger for longer? Find out more

Preventing falls 

On average one third of adults aged over 65 living at home will suffer a fall each year. This can have serious consequences for their health but it can also have a psychological impact as well. Can exercise help to prevent falls among older adults? If so, what types of exercise make a difference? Find out more

Quiz on ageing 

How much do you know about ageing? Take our short quiz to find out! 


Many of us look forward to retirement but what impact can it have on our health and longevity? Can retiring later actually bring health benefits? And what is the key to a successful and financially healthy retirement? Find out more

Skin ageing – What can we do about it? 

What causes our skin to age? What the main internal and external factors that accelerate skin ageing? And what can we do to slow this? Find out more

Snakes and ladders 

Have a go at our health snakes and ladders

Telehealth and telecare 

What are telehealth and telecare and how do they work in practice? Can modern technology really bring health benefits and help patients to adopt healthier lifestyles? And what are the main issues and concerns with introducing such technology into our health and social care systems? Find out more 

Telomeres and ageing 

What are telomeres? Can the length of our telomeres affect our health and how long we live? If so, what can we do to protect them? Find out more


What happens to our fifth sense as we get older? What health benefits does touch bring and why is it so important in the lives of older people? How can we maintain our sense of touch as we get older? Find out more

Reviewed by Stephanie Reynolds June 2016, next review June 2019