Why do women live longer than men in almost every country? And why is this longevity gap between men and women starting to close? Are modern lifestyles having a negative impact on female life expectancy? 

We know that alcohol and smoking can damage our health but are women at greater risk of chronic illness than men if they drink or smoke?  

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Gender and health quiz 

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Stress and gender 

We all experience stress at some point in our lives – some more than others. But does our gender affect how we respond and the techniques we use to cope with stress? Could stress be linked to our age? Find out more

Too young to get old? 

Are you a woman born between 1945 and 1965? Do you feel you haven’t reached your prime yet – that you’re too young to get old? If so, you’re the sort of reader Christine Webber is writing for. Find out more

Why do women live longer than men? 

On average, women tend to live longer than men. But why is this? Is it a result of hormones, evolution or other biological factors? And are modern lifestyles and vices, such as smoking and drinking, actually reducing the longevity gap? Find out more 

Women and alcohol 

We know that drinking too much alcohol can have negative effects on our health but does it affect men and women differently? Are women more vulnerable to life-threatening illnesses if they drink alcohol? And can drinking alcohol in moderation ever offer any health benefits to women? Find out more

Women and smoking 

No-one can doubt the health hazards of smoking. It’s still the leading cause of preventable death in countries like the UK and USA. But are women at greater risk of chronic illness from smoking than men? If so, why is this and why do some women keep smoking? Is it ever too late to give up? Find out more