Could you help us by becoming a member of our User Group Advisory Panel. The three things we ask you to do as a Panel member are:

1. Let us know which health topics you would be interested in learning more about (to help with our ongoing market research). 

2. When a new topic for research is suggested in an area you've expressed an interest in, we'll contact you. Let us know if you think this is worth researching and, if so, which aspects you'd like to find more about.

3. When the research on this topic has been completed and an article drafted, let us have brief feedback (like whether the information was new to you or you already knew it; how easy it was to understand; what you found most/least interesting about it; if the article contained any practical information you would consider acting on in your daily life; any suggested improvements - or any other comments that occurred to you).

To keep this manageable we ask you to choose one or two subject areas from the following: 

  • Ageing - How and Why
  • Secrets of Longevity
  • Diet
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Illnesses
  • Mind Body connection
  • Age and Gender related health isssues  

These are the topics we would send articles on, for your feedback. 

We estimate this would mean commenting on 6 – 12 articles a year, depending on the topic. 

If you would be interested in helping in this way please contact us at – and let us know which topic or topics you would be interested in providing feedback on.

Your help would be much appreciated.  

Michael Baber, Managing Editor