Can we prevent Alzheimer's?

Might physical activity, educational achievement, a healthy diet and an active social life reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s? Might smoking, obesity and depression increase the risk?

Dementia - What are the symptoms of dementia? Who might be affected? What else can cause dementia?What else can cause memory loss? Is there a cure? Can we protect the brain against dementia? 

Progressing Care in Dementia Services - 750,000 people have dementia in the UK – costing the country an estimated £20 billion pa. Both figures are expected to rise as the population ages. This means we are facing a potential dementia time bomb.

Dementia Interview with Karishma ChandariaProgramme Manager, Dementia Friendly Communities, The Alzheimer’s Society. 

Dementia Interview with Dr Louise Allan Dementia Lead for the British Geriatrics Society. In this interview she answers a wide range of questions on dementia - including the main risk factors, the main symptoms and possible ways of delaying the onset of symptoms.