Nutrition and Health



Male 20s


Heart disease is the biggest killer in men. Avoid poor diet and be regularly active. If smoking and drinking excessively, the body requires extra Vitamins B, C & E, folate, magnesium and zinc. Include meat, seafood, dairy products and wholegrain meals in your diet.

Unlike women, men are less likely to put on weight, however that shouldn’t stop them keeping fit, in shape and exercising regularly.

Male 30s


Exercise is a must to keep fit and healthy for later decades in life. Stop smoking and beat stress at the work place by taking your lunch break.

30 mins workouts 3-5 times per week can reduce the risk of heart diseases later on in life.

Male 40s


Since stress is probably unavoidable and men's blood pressure and heart are more susceptible to stress than women, keep an eye on both to avoid the risk of heart disease. Control your body weight, quit smoking and watch your diet. To control blood cholesterol levels avoid fatty food. Do not ignore male related health symptoms such as prostate, a lump around the genitals and if you have problems with urination.

Walk rather than using the car, do not over work, relax and unwind the tension when you can.

Male 50s & above


Watch your cholesterol levels by eating healthy food and regular gentle exercise such as walking and social drinking to prevent heart disease. Keep your mind active to beat dementia. Brisk workouts are known to reduce the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease. Do not ignore male related health symptoms.

Resistance training strengthens bones and muscles and helps to lower cholesterol levels.

 Published 19/05/2011, Review date August 2015