About Age Watch

Can we delay the process of ageing, so that we live longer and enjoy more years of good health? If so, how can we achieve this? And how early in life do we need to start?

We’re told that people are living longer and many are. However, too many people are still dying young - while increasing numbers are kept alive by medical science but often in poor health.

Changes in lifestyles and pensions mean future generations could face the prospect of many years of retirement in poor physical and financial health. Hence the importance of acting now, before it is too late.  

Fortunately, many of the things we can do to slow the process of ageing and increase our prospects of living a longer, healthier life have now been researched - and some you'll probably know already.

 That’s why we’ve set up Age Watch.      

  •  We’re a not for profit organization, launched in 2011.
  •  We aim to help people live longer, with more years free of chronic illness
  •  By helping people make informed decisions in their daily lives.
  •  Based on medical and scientific evidence.
  •  And researching health behaviour change - to help people act on what they know.
  •  Free from advertising or commercial sponsorship.
  •  Suggesting practical ways you can act on the information, so that it really makes a difference for you.

We have now also:

  • Been a project partner in the Research Council project, Dementia and Imagination, which explored the potential of art to help people living with dementia.
  • Led a multidisciplinary research project, which reviewed the health and economic implications of mass producing food high in sugar, salt, saturated fat and refined carbohydrates - working in partnership with Pro Bono Economics. 
  • Created Health Action Campaign (initially an Age Watch project) which in 2017 went on to become a health charity in its own right.   

On our website you'll find a wide range of health related articles we've researched for you, plus links to medical and scientific journals containing the original research findings, as well as links to dozens of organisations which can provide information, advice or support.

Where you already know some of the health information provided, we hope that reading about it again will reinforce and confirm your commitment to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Where you learn something new, we hope this will provide fresh help and support in seeking to achieve a long and healthy life.

Editorial Team

Michael Baber MBA FRSPH - Director 

Emma Juhasz BA - Associate Editor

Medical Adviser

Ali Mahta MD

Science Adviser

Kayhan Nouri-Aria PhD FRCPath

Annual Review

Our Annual_Review_2016_2017 explains what we achieved last year - and what we're aiming to achieve this year. 

Contact Us

You can contact us via info@agewatch.org.uk 

Registered office: Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR 

Age Watch Ltd is a company limited by guarantee - number 7661420 - and recognised by HMRC as a charity for tax purposes.


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