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Cruciferous vegetables, Pulses and Berries 

These members of the ‘brassica’ family of vegetables (like broccoli) are rich in antioxidants and nutrients which are believed to help protect our health. 


Is laughter really the ‘best medicine’? We all feel better for laughing - but is there any evidence it can really improve our health? And if so, is this due to laughter itself or to something else?  

What is Yoga? 

What is yoga? Is there any evidence of health benefits? Are there any health risks?

Are carbs really bad for your diet? 

Should we be considering a low carbohydrate diet? Can this help us lose weight? Is it good or bad for our health? 


How harmful is sugar? Is hidden sugar a particular health risk? Are some sugars healthier than others? How much sugar should we be consuming?

Tips for Healthy Retirement

Are you approaching retirement or newly retired? If so, you may be wondering how you can make the most of this next phase in your life. There are fresh opportunities, different challenges, vital decisions to make, perhaps even new skills to learn. 

Eat less and Live Longer 

Might eating less help us live longer? What evidence is there? Are there any health risks if we eat less?  

What can we learn from experiments with animals?  

Ageing of the Immune System

As we age our immune system becomes less effective and we are more likely to fall ill. Can we do anything about this, so that we stay healthier for longer? 

Olive Oil, Honey and Chillies

Are olive oil, honey and chillies really good for us? If so, how and why? And if they can really affect our bodies, are there any possible side effects?

Why do women live longer than men? 

Women usually live longer than men. Why is this - and are modern day vices, such as smoking and drinking, reducing the longevity gap?

Can we reduce the risk of Alzheimer's?

Might physical activity, educational achievement, a healthy diet and an active social life reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s? Might smoking, obesity and depression increase the risk?

Skin Ageing - what can we do about it?

Does our skin age because of what is going on inside our bodies – or what is going on outside? What can we do to slow this?

Good Fats Bad Fats?

In 2014 The Big Fat Surprise was published and well reviewed. Its author had revisited the research suggesting fat is bad for us and found it seriously flawed. She concluded that we should be eating more, not less fat. So what is the truth?

Adult Education

Unfortunately there has been little direct research into the effect of Adult Education on health and well-being. However, three different types of research point in the same broad direction:

Is Status a Key to Longevity? 

Oscar winners, on average, live four years longer than other Hollywood actors. Could social status be a key to human longevity?

You've probably read about ‘superfoods.’ Garlic, green tea and oily fish are three examples. Are they really good for us - and if so, why? And are there any possible side effects?

Looking Younger

Why do some people look younger than others? Can we control how our looks age, or is it all in the genes? When and how do our looks start to age?

Vitamin D and Ageing

Why is Vitamin D ('the sunshine vitamin') important for our health? Why might we be at risk of Vitamin D deficiency as we get older? What can we do to avoid this?

Mindful Eating

If you want to eat less, is it better to snack on small, calorie-restricted portions at frequent intervals - or to eat two or three larger meals per day? Or is the way we eat more important than how often we eat?


What are prebiotics and are they good for our health? What is the difference between Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Japanese Diet

We know that people in Japan live longer. How important is their traditional diet? Has the introduction of more Western diets affected their health and longevity? How easy is it to adopt a Japanese Diet if we live in the UK or the US?

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

What are they? Why do they matter? How can this help us make healthier food choices?

Healthy Nordic Diet?

How healthy is the Nordic Diet? What evidence is there for this? Are there any possible side effects? What is the overall verdict?

What is the Nordic Diet?

What is the Nordic Diet? How does it compare with the Mediterranean Diet? Is it easy to follow outside Scandinavia?


What is Hypnotherapy? How does it work? Might it have health benefits? How can I find a hypnotherapist?

Does Hypnotherapy work?

Is there research evidence to suggest hypnotherapy works? If so, for which conditions? Where is more research needed? When isn’t hypnotherapy appropriate?

Health benefits of Mediterranean Diet

What is the Mediterranean Diet? Can it reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer? Can it help manage Type 2 Diabetes? Might it reduce the risk of getting Parkinson's or Alzheimer's?

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

What does the Mediterranean Diet consist of? Why is it important? Is it the diet or is it the climate? Are there any adverse side effects?

Is status a life sentence?

We have no control over our status at birth. Does this dictate our lives or can we change our status? If so, does this improve our health prospects and our life expectancy?

How long can we expect to live in good health?

What are the main causes of ill health? Are they preventable? And which countries have the best record for healthy life expectancy? 

Touch - the fifth sense 

You can read about the effects of ageing on sight, hearing, smell and taste elsewhere on this site  - in the section Effect of Ageing on the Senses. Our fifth sense is touch. Unlike the other senses, it is distributed all over the body.  

Are active brains more resistant to Dementia?

Can keeping mentally fit reduce the risk of dementia?

How to protect our senses?

Each of our senses can be affected as we age. So what can we do to protect them? 

Effects of ageing on senses

How does ageing affect our senses? Can we hear a smoke alarm? Is our vision up to motorway driving? Would we notice a wasp settling on grass underfoot? Or a burning smell in the kitchen? 

Is status key to longevity?

Oscar winners, on average, live four years longer than other Hollywood actors. Could social status be a key to human longevity?

The power of Positive Thinking?

Can what is going on in your mind affect your physical wellbeing? If so, how can we take advantage of this to improve our mental and physical health?


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