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Parkinson's Disease

What is Parkinson’s Disease? What are the symptoms? What causes it? Is there anything we can do to prevent it? 

Healthy Living 

What are the biggest risk factors for your health? Does your lifestyle need to be healthier? If so, how can you achieve this? And how can you keep it up? What difference can this make to your health?

Where do people live longest in the UK? 

Does your postcode really affect how long you might live? Do we need to move home to live longer? Or can we stay and find ways to improve our longevity? 

Healthy Eating on a Budget

What are our Top Ten shopping Tips? Which foods are cheap but healthy? What other tips are there for healthy eating on a budgetr? 

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?  

What is CBT? How does it work? Where is it provided? Is it available through the NHS? 

How effective is CBT?  

What kinds of anxiety and depression can it help with? Can it help manage pain? Can it help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Does it still work if you’re older? How does it work and how can I access CBT if I need it?

Are Carbs bad for your diet?

Should we be considering a low carbohydrate diet? Can this help us lose weight? Is it good or bad for our health? 


How harmful is sugar? Is hidden sugar a particular health risk? Are some sugars healthier than others? How much sugar should we be consuming?

Type 2 Diabetes

What is type 2 diabetes? What are the symptoms? What are the main risk factors? How can we reduce the risk of getting it?

Ageing of the immune system - Immunosenescence 

As we age our immune system becomes less effective and we are more likely to fall ill. Can we do anything about this, so that we stay healthier for longer?  

Look After Your Body  

There are seven practical things we can do to increase our chances of living a long and healthy life:  

Look After Your Mind  

We probably all know we need to look after our body. What we might not realise is how important it is to look after our mind as well. Here are seven ways this can help increase our prospects of living longer, in good health: 

Invitation to Join our User Group Advisory Panel 

Could you help us by becoming a member of our User Group Advisory Panel. Your feedback can help ensure the information we provide is easy to understand, interesting and practical.  

Having a purpose in Life

Is having something to live for good for our health? Does having a purpose in life help us live longer? What if we feel we don’t have a sense of purpose? 


What is osteoarthritis? What causes it? Who is most at risk? Can we prevent it? How is it different from osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis? 

Healthy Choices?

Why do we sometimes make healthy choices - and sometimes not? Please help with our research on this by completing our short survey into heath behaviour change.

Fitness or Fatness? 

Do you find it difficult to get your weight down? If so, can keeping physically fit reduce the health risks? Or can keeping slim compensate if you don’t do much exercise?  

Vitamin D and Ageing

Why is Vitamin D ('the sun vitamin') important for our health? Why might we be at risk of Vitamin D deficiency as we get older? What can we do to avoid this?

Stroke prevention

How serious a health risk are strokes? Who is at greatest risk? Can a healthy diet reduce the risk? What else can we do? And can this help reduce the risk of other serious illnesses?

Health Bulletin March 2015

Here are our top three health stories. We’ve chosen them from the many reported in the media in recent weeks because they are particularly important for public health.


What are vitamins? Why do they matter ?Where can we find them? Are there health risks if we take too much?

Sleep Deprivation 

What causes serious lack of sleep? How many people are affected? How can lack of sleep affect our health? What can we do about it? 

Age Watch Health Bulletin- February 2015  

Here are our top four health stories. We’ve selected them from the many reported in the media in recent weeks because of their importance for public health. 

Is laughter good for our health? 

Is laughter really the ‘best medicine’? We all feel better for laughing - but is there any evidence it can really improve our health? And if so, is this due to laughter itself or to something else? 

Age Watch Health Bulletin –January 2015

Here are our top three health stories. As usual we’ve selected them from the many reported in the media in recent weeks because of their importance for public health.

Minerals - The Body's requirement

How do minerals help keep us healthy? Where should we get them from? And are there health risks if we take too much?

Regional Diets

Which parts of the world have the healthiest diets? What might diets from Scandanavia, the Mediterranean and Japan have in common?

A Diet that works for you 

Do we need to follow a specific diet plan if we want to lose weight? Which diet plans are most effective? And which are also healthiest?  


What is yoga? Is there any evidence of health benefits? Are there any health risks?

Tips for a Healthy Life

What can we do to stay healthy for longer? How important are diet and exercise? What about smoking and drinking? Can mental health affect physical health? 

Can we prevent Alzheimer's?

Might physical activity, educational achievement, a healthy diet and an active social life reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s? Might smoking, obesity and depression increase the risk?

Vegetarian Diet

What are the possible health benefits of a vegetarian diet? On the downside might you be missing out on important nutrients? 

How important is Cholesterol?

Are cholesterol and saturated fats really a health risk? Are statins good for us? How important are diet, lifestyle – and not smoking?

Losing Weight

Might breakfast, protein, soup and dairy products help us lose weight? These were some of the 'strange but true' suggestions in a BBC programme. What does the evidence show?

Exercise and Cancer

Can exercise reduce the risk of cancer? Can it help tackle some of the side effects of cancer treatment? Can it improve your chances of surviving cancer? And what sort of exercise are we talking about?

Eat Less and Live Longer?

Might eating less help us live longer? What evidence is there? Are there any health risks if we eat less? What can we learn from experiments with animals?  

Mindful Eating

If you want to eat less, is it better to snack on small, calorie-restricted portions at frequent intervals - or to eat two or three larger meals per day? Or is the way we eat more important than how often we eat?

Look After Your Relationships 

This may not be obvious but seems to be another important factor influencing how long we live in good health, as we can see in these examples:  

Successful Retirement: Staying Healthy

How can we stay active as we get older – and what are the benefits? What else can we do to reduce the risk of illness? How can we keep our brains healthy too?

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

What are they? Why do they matter? What foods are healthier from a glycemic perspective?

Healthy Ageing

What is healthy ageing? When do we start to age? Why do some people age faster than others? Does what happens earlier in life influence this? So what can we do to slow the pace of ageing? What is new here?

How important is our Body Clock?

Do we have a built in body clock? If so, what triggers it? Does it influence our sleep? And what are the health implications? 

Successful Retirement: Staying Financially Healthy 

We could spend one third of our adult life drawing a State Pension. So what options are there to help you stay financially healthy in retirement?

The Power of Positive Thinking

Can what is going on in your mind affect your physical wellbeing? If so, how can we take advantage of this to improve our mental and physical health?

Retirement - Good or Bad for You? 

Can WHEN and WHY we retire affect our health? If so, what happens AFTER we retire? Is retirement likely to be good or bad for our health?    


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