Health Action Campaign

95% of NHS resources are committed to treating people when they fall ill or have accidents. That leaves just 5% to help prevent people falling ill or having accidents.

With an increase in lifestyle related illnesses increasing pressure on the NHS is this approach financially sustainable? If not, what can we do? And who needs to take action?

If you would like to find out more about our Health Action Campaign, you may find the following articles useful.

The food and drink industry

The food, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks that businesses produce have significant public health implications. What is the Responsibility Deal for Food and what impact has it had? How effective are voluntary agreements? 

Why healthy and wealthy?

Our report Healthy and Wealthy? explores the health and economic implications of mass producing and retailing unhealthy food. What were our key findings? And what now needs to be done?  

Recent health reports

What are the key factors affecting our health? For in depth analysis check these recently published reports.  

What can the government do?

What can the government do to improve public health? When should the government provide health information and leave it to people to make their own choices – and when should it intervene and take action? 

What can the NHS do?

The increase in lifestyle related illnesses has placed an extra burden on the NHS. With limited funding available the NHS’ role in preventing illness has become increasingly important. But how can the NHS do this? And are new ways of working needed? 

What can we each do?

It’s important that we each look after our own health. What we eat and drink and the exercise we do will make a big difference to our health. Here are our top tips to help you stay healthy for longer.  

Healthy and Wealthy?